Native built-in replacement for null_resource with Terraform 1.4

Hello Terraform Data; Goodbye Null Resource

Native built-in replacement for null_resource with Terraform 1.4

April 16, 2023 · Serhii Vasylenko

New Lifecycle Options and Refactoring Capabilities in Terraform 1.1 and 1.2

Terraform code refactoring and resource lifecycle conditions, and triggers — now natively available

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Some Techniques to Enhance Your Terraform Proficiency

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Guide to Using Terraform in CI/CD

How to configure, how to run, and what to mind for when using Terraform in CI/CD

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Terraform Workflow — Working Individually and in a Team

An overview of best practices for working with Terraform individually or in a team

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Terraform Certification Tips

Summary of a learning path to HashiCorp Certified — Terraform Associate

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What are Terraform Modules and how do they work?

Explanation of Terraform modules and their main concepts in English.

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