I am a Developer Experience Engineer and DevOps Coach passionate about making software development easier. I specialize in DevOps practices, infrastructure, automation, and observability.

My expertise includes team building, tech transformation, and promoting a culture of innovation and ownership. I am dedicated to improving efficiency and enhancing team performance.

Professional Experience

Developer Experience Engineer

🏒 Grammarly, πŸ—“ Since Nov 2020

Making day-to-day work of developers more productive and agile by:

  • Providing automation and tooling for routine SDLC procedures
  • Enriching experience in Infrastructure, Automation, and Observability areas
  • Standardizing commonly used infrastructure components

Notable Projects: macOS-based CI/CD, Platform University, GitLab CI Infrastructure on K8s

DevOps Coach

🏒 Hillel IT School, πŸ—“ Jul'20 - Mar'23

Gave DevOps classes to diverse people with different backgrounds and skillsets: sysadmins and developers from IT, students from the university, and sales managers from retail. There was one thing in common: they all wanted to know what DevOps is and how it works.

Taught them how to work inside and with the development teams and use tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, and Docker, and how to think DevOps.

It was a win-win for myself and my students: I could get a unique tutoring experience and fulfill my long-cherished dream of being a teacher, and my students gained new jobs or promotions.

DevOps Teamlead

🏒 ITCraft, πŸ—“ Mar'17 - Jun'20

My biggest project β€” is my team. A skilled and highly motivated team of engineers sincerely cares about its work outcomes.

Key accomplishments

  • Created a team of engineers that completed more than 40 successful projects of different sizes;
  • Team size growth: from 1 to 8;
  • Tripled the number of shared projects with other departments by boosting department reputation and team visibility within the company;
  • Introduced DevOps as a Service business model in the department;
  • Mentored senior and middle engineers from junior newcomers;
  • Fostered the culture of ownership.


  • Transform team members’ mindset toward ownership culture;
  • Keep the team motivated throughout ups and downs;
  • Justification of the advantages of my team to the clients in the pre-sales stage.

Chief Technologist

🏒 YourServerAdmin, πŸ—“ Nov'14 – Sep'16

I was responsible for the technical side of processes inside the department and researching the new technologies we could implement for our clients.

Introduced ITIL practices with our COO and, what I like the most, could change how our sysadmin’s department worked with the development department. As a result, the work became more coordinated and more integrated.

Key accomplishments

  • Improved technical expertise of a support team;
  • Improved task management;
  • Increased team size;
  • Fostered the change of team mindset to Agile thinking.

System Administrator, Support Engineer

🏒 YourServerAdmin, πŸ—“ Jun'11 – Nov'14

Started my career in IT: grew up from a Level-1 tech support engineer (communication with customers and initial problem analysis) to Level-3 System Administrator responsible for complex technical tasks and daily shift management.


🀝 Team Leader
Team motivation, mentorship, cultivation of soft/hard skills of team members.
Fostering team values and working principles and developing the new ones together with the team.
Hiring new team members and forming the required team skillset.
πŸ“ˆ PM
Managing stand-alone DevOps projects and operations parts of big projects with dev teams.
Resources and capacity management.
☁️ Clouds
Amazon Web Services. Design and fine-tuning of resilient and HA infrastructures; costs optimization and security hardening.
βš™οΈ Techs
GitlabCI, Github Actions, Terraform, Docker, Ansible, GoLang, BASH, Mobile CI/CD.
πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ English
πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Deutsch

Activities and interests

I like to explore new cities and countries, and I like trekking. I’ve been to the Annapurna base camp, and now I want to visit Everest’s base camp.
I love to write tutorials and articles about the technologies I use and learn. AWS Community Builder and HashiCorp Ambassador.
Fond of History, Astronomy, and Physics. I wish to see the Betelgeuse supernova explosion someday, even though the expected explosion date is somewhere between today and 100k years.