926 out of 1000

Last week I’ve successfully passed AWS SAA exam with 926 points from 1000 possible. I can’t help saying this and showing off my verification page{:target="_blank"}, just because I am very happy so please excuse me my bragging.

What helped me

But I would like to share some advices and tips with anyone who reads this and wants to pass the exam. I mean, I could just twit about it if that was only about saying “hey look at me!”, right?

It took me a month of intensive studying and here is what helped me:

  1. Video course at CloudGuru - AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate{:target="_blank"}.

    Price: $50 for a monthly subscription.

    Tips: They have a 7 days free trial, which is actually quite enough to view the whole course. But I strongly recommend purchasing a full month, because it is better to view the lectures gradually during couple of weeks for better learning. Plus they have a nice exam simulator where you can practice several times.

  2. Practice Tests set at Udemy - AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams{:target="_blank"}.

    Price: $40 or only $12 if you’re lucky to get it during a sale. But they make sales quite often and they frequently provide discuounts for new students. I purchaced it for $12.

    Tips: practice tests are very useful, do not skip buying them. You will find your weak spots and also learn a lot by passing these tests. This particular set has a quite good explanations for each question.

  3. Exam Guide at O’relly Media AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate All-in-One Exam Guide{:target="_blank"}.

    Price: this one can be easily read during 10 days free trial period :wink:

    Tips: The new exam version is released on 23rd of March, so it is better to find a new updated version of exam guide. And I suggest reading the guide after the video course or vise versa, but do not mix them.

  4. Making notes. Seriously, note taking helps you memorize better. Do not skip it, and note your video courses as well as exam guide. Later, you will find your notes very helpful before the exam day - they will fresh up your memory.

Thank you for reading down to this point. I hope my advices were helpful and you will pass the exam!